Marijuana Special: Jorge Cervantes Interview – The Cannabis Guru

Jorge Cervantes Cannabis Guru

Jorge Cervantes, the World’s leading expert on Cannabis cultivation, has watched and influenced an entire sub culture that sprang from a relatively unexplored science.

In 1983 he authored the first complete book about indoor cultivation which revolutionised the way gardeners produced medical Marijuana, with new and affordable technology emerging it was now possible for medicinal growers to utilise the same techniques used by the professionals.


Speaking about a quote circulating the Internet regarding the benefit Marijuana on MS suffers, Jorge says “I did not say that 97 percent of the MS patients . . . . This “News Release” was written by an old webmaster that used to work for me. Furthermore this quote does not come from Marijuana Horticulture: the Indoor/Outdoor Medical Grower’s Bible. I had ordered this page removed along with my entire old site. This quote was posted by a person with absolutely no medical knowledge and that obviously he did not check his facts. I hired a new webmaster two years ago to make my current site. I had no idea that this page and crazy quote that I did not write was still on the internet.”

An immediate request has been made by Jorge to his current webmaster for the removal of this quote from his web site.

RINF Alternative News will be speaking to Jorge and would like to invite readers to take part and make your voice heard on this serious issue, no matter where you stand on the debate. The interview will lean towards the medical benefits, the law and what you can do to help end prohibition.

As Jorge is the World’s foreknowledge on Marijuana horticulture, we are also inviting a small forum of Amsterdam medical growers to take part so they can benefit from Jorge’s 30+ years of experience by asking questions about their own gardens.

Today, Jorge travels the World visiting grow rooms, continues to write books, produce DVD’s and is an outspoken activist for the end of prohibition.

Please post your questions for Jorge Cervantes on the RINF forums.

Reviews for Marijuana Horticulture: the Indoor/ Outdoor Medical Grower’s Bible:

“The most trusted name in marijuana returns with the latest version of his grass growing Bible, a new testament featuring more than a thousand color photos to accompany the best step-by-step information available anywhere. If you want to grow weed, this is the book you need!”
— HIGH TIMES magazine, USA

“This level of detail is definitely worth a lot more than the $29.95 USD price. . . you owe it to yourself to pick up this one-inch-thick chunk of words more valuable than gold!”
— Cannabis Culture magazine, Canada

“Jorge Cervantes has surpassed himself with the release of the new Bible, it is without a doubt the best grow book on the market. It’s a must for every grower be they a novice or pro.”
— Weed World magazine, UK

“Cervantes knows what he is talking about, and he has the skill to put it on paper. This is a must read.”
— Highlife magazine, Holland

“Fun, informative, illustrative, hands-on and authoritative! Whether for approved medical use patients or prohibition pragmatists, Marijuana Horticulture unravels the mini mysteries and places responsible individuals firmly on the path to selfsufficiency.”
— NORML, Washington, DC

Bio for Jorge Cervantes

Jorge Cervantes developed his life-long fascination with cannabis as a university student in Mexico. After graduation, he moved to California in the 1970s where he became a “guerilla grower” of “sin semilla” (Spanish for without seeds) marijuana, the “new” high-quality cannabis that Mexicans reserved for domestic consumption. In the early 1980s Cervantes started growing indoors with High Intensity Discharge lights to escape detection and control the environment, harvesting four crops the first year. A lack of credence and information about indoor cultivation led him to author Indoor Marijuana Horticulture in 1983. The book became an instant best-seller and successful indoor growers dubbed it the “Indoor Grower’s Bible.” Today growers simply call it “The Bible.”

Now 52, Cervantes is a world-renowned expert on indoor, outdoor and greenhouse cannabis cultivation. He puts more than thirty years of expert cannabis growing knowledge and hands-on experience at your fingertips with his books, articles, photographs and a new DVD. His expert advice has guided millions of growers worldwide to apply simple effective horticultural techniques to high-yield closet, basement, backyard and guerilla gardens.

In his monthly question and answer column, Jorge’s Rx, in High Times, the flagship of the magazine’s cultivation section, Cervantes solves grower’s problems with definitive clarity. He also pens a regular column in Soft Secrets. The magazines boast the biggest circulation in North America and Europe respectively. Cervantes still finds the time to contribute feature cultivation articles to High Times, Burst High (Japanese) and a dozen European cannabis magazines. Multilingual Cervantes also speaks at eight international cannabis fairs in Europe every year. With five books in print and more than a half million books sold, you can find his works in Dutch, English, French, German and Spanish. Soon books will be available in Italian, Japanese and Russian.

Cervantes moved back to Spain where he lives near the Mediterranean Sea. He continues photograph and write about cannabis as well as travel the world to research this fascinating medicinal plant.