August 29, 2010

Q & A with Jorge Cervantes: The Man Who Loves Cannabis

August 29, 2010
jorge cervantes marijuana

jorge cervantes marijuanaInterview With Marijuana Growing Expert Jorge Cervantes

Cannabis Correspondent, Liz Sexton digs through the mystic and lore behind author & horticulturalist Jorge Cervantes for some fun Q & A.

Jorge Cervantes, the renowned cultivator with a cult-like following, has been sharing some fresh secrets with a totally new look!

Gone are the dreads, mon.

The black glasses & his smooth goatee: uh…ADIOS MUCHACHOS!

We were all fans of his “One-Love” get-up — which we now know, was actually much more than a fashion statement. It was FREEDOM.

More than thirty years ago, when Jorge began his career as a guerilla grower of “sinsemilla” marijuana, public policy was less-than-favorable. The glasses & goatee gave Jorge personal security to write and share what he wanted, allowing him to guide millions of growers & cannabis aficionados around the world through his books and DVDs. Cannabis-culture has come a long way. Public and political support continues to grow – and so does Jorge. His true identity has been surfacing at Cannabis Cups and popping-up in sneak previews of video production on YouTube.

Ready to learn more, I recently caught-up with the ganja guru for some fun Q & A.

Q. What is your preferred method of grow?

A. I love to grow outdoors in rich organic soil. Even though growers associate me with indoor growing, I love the great outdoors!

Q. What are your favorite strains?

A.I love Haze and Haze related strains. Super Silver Haze is outstanding.

Q. Indica vs Sativa? (Why)?

A. I have been growing Indica/Afghani crosses recently. They mature quickly and are very popular with patients for pain relief and insomnia. Now I am growing an Afganica/Sativa cross, Skunk #1 x Hendu Kush. The growth is rapid and the root system is immense. Flowering time is 9 weeks.

Q. What was your first job?

A. I worked for a small daily newspaper doing everything from press work and typesetting to news and sports photography. This job lasted through High School.

Q. What have been your different jobs?

A. Photographer, reporter, printer, sales, gardener, landscaper, tree trimmer/remover, survey researcher, author, writer, Spanish instructor, retail nursery owner, guerilla grower, book publisher, garden DVD host

Q. What are your three most loved food items?

A. Sushi, sashimi, ceviche

Q. If you could trade places with any other person for a week, famous or not, real or fictional, who would it be?

A. This is difficult to answer. I have worked very hard to be comfortable with myself and do not think about “being somebody else.” My best answer would be George Soros so that I could use my clout to push cannabis legalization.

Q. If you could be a superhero, what would you want your superpowers to be?

A. I would have ten green thumbs and ten green toes! All the plants everywhere I walk and every plant I touch turns instantly healthy. I have a frequency that tunes me into “questionable” DEA and police medical cannabis garden raids. Anybody who looks into my eyes must tell the truth. Of course I can fly and pass through walls when I use my “CannaDar” (radar that finds cannabis) to tour gardens and help growers solve problems.

Q. If someone were to write a biography about your life what would the title be?

A. Jorge Cervantes the Man Who Loves Cannabis

Q. What do you think about Prop19? Will it pass?

A. Yes, Proposition 19 will pass and cannabis will become legal in California! The people’s momentum is on our side and the lagging economy does too. People are finally demanding an end to this crazy so called “War on Drugs” that was lost years ago. Some growers are afraid to loose their lifestyle when the price of cannabis plummets to below $100 an ounce. I look at all the innocent non-violent pot prisoners. Their life has been adversely affected because they garden or consume a plant that grows everywhere. It is time to liberate the plant and all the people that support it! Once legal in California, other states and soon the world will follow!

You can visit with Jorge on Facebook and at, and don’t forget to check out his YouTube channel & new videos.

This is an interview done by Liz Sexton from 420 University, a friend of the blog. She wanted to share it with our readers:


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